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Why is "iKON" hit?

It was the Korean group "iKON" that won the Japan Record Awards Best Recollection Award in 2016.
A number of doubts came up in this award.
Makoto Sakurai, the leader of Japan First Party, has a question and twittered, it is on fire.
Controversy on the part of whom some fans do not know at all continues one after another.
Why is "iKON" hit so far?
I caught the doubt.

Although it is "Japan Record Award", it is "Korean group"

The vast majority of people who questioned the award of "iKON" muttered why Koreans win "why Korean groups are nominated".
Certainly, the Japan Record Award will be awarded for the award of praise and award for Japanese music.
There, K-POP instead of J-POP was awarded.
Certainly there is some discomfort.
However, fans submitted a newspaper article saying "iKON" Japan tour mobilized 320,000 people as evidence.
Although there are additional performances, there is an objection that there are still 150,000 mobilization limitations when all are full.
Sometimes referred to as an article by the press, it is natural if you think that it is popular.
Indeed, the number of 320,000 is a number that will be live six times in the Tokyo Dome, all filled.
This is made up of "Arashi", "TOKIO", "EXILE", it will be difficult for "Pico Taro" and "RADIOFISH".
Is it a rookie, can you debut and make them one month (then)?

"Bunshun gun" explosion

Last year, the words "sentence spring" and "bunshun gun" were used at the time of the scandal.
There is a testimony that the content that the award of "iKON" is posted on Reco University is stated in the December 1 issue.
I would like you to investigate the evidence on your own.
It is "Bunshun" that has made many articles on "Guessing affair" so far. High credibility.

Addendum: The same contents are also described in the November 14 issue.

Ranking of Oricon

"IKON" released the CD in Japan. The ranking of the week that we released is the first place, the next week it falls below 100th place, the annual ranking album 44th place, the single 96th place and the single are just outside the range.
For this reason it is probably low profile.
This is also why it is thought that 'winning is inappropriate'.


The reason why "iKON" is hit is

Because it is a Korean group
Bunshuna gun explosion
Oricon ranking is low
I guess.
It is free to support your favorite artists, but I think the Best New Recognition Award is reasonable around "Pico Taro" or "RADIOFISH" or "RADWIMPS".
By the way, "Pico Taro" won the "Special Topic Award", "RADIOFISH" the "Planning Award", "RADWIMPS" the "Special Award" respectively.

Xie Lianfang

Xie Lianfang is Murata Ronoho.
Murata Rensaki is the representative of the DPP and the bastard lotus.

Her dual nationality problem is remembrance to the memory.
She still does not disclose family register and even whether it is a Japanese citizen is doubtful. → Currently Japan citizen.

Will she be qualified as a Diet member?

Conditions for acquiring Japanese nationality

It is doubtful whether she meets this. → As of February 2017 we have acquired, but there is no confirmation that it was acquired until the first half of 2016.

Biography Disguise is NG

She may have been arrested at the time of dissolution of the National Assembly because she did this, but she will not be arrested during the exhibition. (Parliamentarian non - arresting privilege will be appropriate.)


It is out.
Incidentally, the support ratio of the Democratic Progressive Party is 8%.
→ As of February 10, 2017, the support rate fell to 1.8%. Rather, the support ratio of the Japanese Communist Party has risen to 8%.

The real cause of the Fukushima First nuclear accident

I heard that "nuclear plants are dangerous" until about 5 and a half years ago.

Well, there are people who criticize the government's "unexpected" words, but what was the cause of the nuclear accident in truth?

1. East Japan great earthquake disaster

This is the main source of the nuclear accident. However, the earthquake has hit the nuclear plant many times. In fact, even before the Great East Japan Earthquake a large-scale foreshock had hit the nuclear power plant, but it has not broken.

2. Tsunami

Earthquakes are also hitting other nuclear power plants. But it will not break. It is a tsunami that Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant did not receive other nuclear power plants. Perhaps the real cause is a tsunami.
Although there was an embankment, it was too big a tsunami, so we could not deal with it.
Then, was it possible to take measures beforehand?

Should not think that measures could not be taken

We should think that we could not take measures.
Originally Sanriku was consuming large energy all the time in the area where the earthquake occurred frequently. Therefore, it was predicted that large-scale items like Nagano swarm earthquakes will not come.
However, it actually was the world's largest earthquake called M9.0. Naturally, the enormous energy came as a tsunami that greatly exceeded the levees.
Consider countermeasures from this.


The lowest cost and easier to carry out would be strengthening the embankment.
Increase the height of the levee so that nuclear plants in Japan will not be attacked by the tsunami.
Let's remove the already damaged nuclear power because there is no choice.

Let's think about why the number of factions against nuclear power has increased so far.

The opposition to the nuclear power plant increased

One would be meaningless incitement of the press. As if the nuclear power plant was a villainous thing, I reported until 2012. Do you know what happened in 2012?

It is regime change.
From the Democratic Party administration to the LDP rule. From there, the media press made the material of criticism of Komei Komei unsupported by the upper level. Unfortunately, many of the people called left-handed are the opposite of nuclear power plants. They also made material for criticism of the administration.

Whereas the Democratic Party's disastrous disaster was not reported as totally as possible, I think that continuing to strike their fault after becoming the LDP.

Rhythm reticence epidemic

Rhythm story such as RADIOFISH PERFECTHUMAN, Piko Taro's PPAP (Pen Pinapoppu Puppy Pen), Aragaki Yui etc "Destroy Shame" members dance "Love Dance" became popular this year.

I tried to summarize the nature of rhythmical epidemics.

Short term

Do you remember "bearbugs", "egg sprays", "8.6 seconds bazooka"?
Both are people who broke up with rhythm stuff several years ago.
I quickly disappeared from the television.
Although Hoshino Genji and others who are acting also will remain, many rhythm neta performers disappear from the television immediately.

Break many times

RADIOFISH that broke at this year's "PERFECTHUMAN" is centered on the Oriental radio which broke "Buyuden" about 10 years ago.
Oriental radio breaks with battle ten about 10 ago. After that, re-break by showing rhythm story of a junior entertainer such as "8.6 seconds bazooka".
And this time, I re-break with "PERFECT HUMAN".
Although they may be unusual, it may be unique to rhythm story that the same person breaks many times.

Considering these, rhythm neta will break many times in a short time.

Asahi Shimbun's coral reef article knife case

Kono jiken wa 1989-nen ni atta jikenda. Kuwashī koto wa kochira o sanshō ni shite hoshī
This incident was an incident in 1989.

For details please see here.

朝日新聞珊瑚記事捏造事件 - Wikipedia

This incident that scratched the coral reef "K. Y", since it has been over 27 years ago, I thought that few people knew with younger people than 30.

It was a surprising result. Twenty-five male 20-year-old male cooperated, but 12 people answered "I know". It is about half.

I asked a man who answered "I know" how he knew.

Apparently, it seems to be easier for the story to proceed or to be thoughtful as a wise person if you know it when talking to the older one. For that reason, nine of the 12 people who knew knew about the crash of the aircraft off the ANA flight in Hakodate in 1966, eight people knew the Japan Airlines 350 flight accident in 1982, and the hotel which hid 350 flights The number of people I knew about seven people I knew about the fires of New Japan was greater.

After all, it would be advantageous to know a lot of things.


This time I understood that.

People who speak ill of accounts that blocked after blocking on Twitter

If true, it is the content I want to include in the article I wrote earlier, but that is "during discussion".

Sometimes scenes are different, so I decided to write it here.

Opinions conflict with human beings.

However, to mute the bad mouth of the account that blocked after blocking is to beat the backs.

The most effective means is to operate subsidiary completely independently and ask the state of the blocked person.

You will also notice that the negatives are being hit.

In the first place, the kind calls a friend, so its striking is as bullying.

I would like to hope to improve information moral and submit policies to the government for "adult bullying".


Murmuring abuse

Separately if you speak ill of a bad mouth alone, you do not mind separately.

However, once you mutate, Twitter sent to the whole world should refrain. What I have done is irreparable.

Of course, this article, my life, your life, too.

What if the fire burned due to bad mouth?

What if that personal information or personal information of a blocked opponent leaks from that abuse?

I would like Twitter to give priority to protection of personal information than to control subaccounts and eliminate spam.


Roughly on this article

・You should refrain from murmuring the bad mouth of people you blocked on Twitter
・Reconsider information morals

People who block with Twitter discussions

Today was blocked well.

I may have been persistent, but if I corrected the original, I thought how to block 'during discussion'.

I tried to take 10 questionnaires to 10 friends, which is often like this.

Eight people were experiencing the result. One did not do Twitter at all. At this time, it is 88.8% who is doing Twitter and has this experience.

Even if one who did not experience it thought about it, it is 80% ...

80% close human beings have experienced this case, what about as manners.

This is probably a thing to be forgiven just because a Twitter and Facebook, LINE. No, I do not think it's permissible.

During the discussion in the actual place, suddenly to leave when you are, "is his own opinion does not pass," "opinion is a conflict." ← This is "blocking during discussion".

Many people are angry about the side who did this kind of thing. I am one of them.

When replacing the exchange on the SNS in the actual place, "block in the midst of the debate" was manners previous problem.

Still human beings dealing with information is probably not only to improve the information morals, including me.